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Introduction To Internet
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Internet has made communication around the globe a much easier task. It has revolutionized all mediums of communications and information with its extraordinary delivery speed. Internet is simply defined as a huge network of computers that are linked together so that information can be exchanged between them. You could get every possible information across the globe, at your fingertips, simply by sitting in front of your home computer and connecting to the World Wide Web. It is an extremely dynamic information source that makes the world look like a much smaller place.

A huge number of people in US are accessing the Internet almost daily. It has become a way of life for many. I-way which is the "Information Superhighway" is literally buzzing with numerous activities allowing all kinds of files, movies, sounds, programs, video, e-mail, live chat to flow through its pipelines at any point of time throughout the day.

The history of internet began in the early 1960s when the US Dept. of Defense financed the design to interlink the computers for military research purpose. Slowly this small web of computers within the defense dept. spread across the entire US and later to the entire globe forming huge network of computers called the World Wide Web.

Information can be viewed on the Internet with the help pf an internet web page. The internet web page is basic text file which has text and additional HTML tags that are required to format the text viewed on the screen. Text Commands like font change, color change, or tabular structure can be given to a web page through basic HTML tags. Once this internet web page is ready we need a web browser to display this web page on the computer screen. Web Browser is capable of interpreting these HTML tags used to format the page and display the web page as per our requirements. Most commonly used web browsers are Microsoft Explorer and Netscape. Web Browser is capable of extracting the web page you requested from the complex web of sites on the Internet. The web page you requested is hosted on a computer machine called the web server at a distant location from you. Web browser can reach these machines through internet and load the page you want on your home computer.

It is not practically possible to guess which site can give you information on a particular subject. There could be thousands of sites giving information on a single topic across the web. There are ways by which you could make searching on the web an easier task. Look for directories that provide you with a list of sites giving information of websites on various subjects. Another way to find the exact site for your research is to go through a search engine like google or yahoo. You will need to enter keywords for your search and these search engines will give you all possible search results for your keyword. Search engines have become extremely smart and their robots can fetch the exact site you are looking for, provided you use a precise search keyword.

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