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Types of Internet Web Page

Internet has a profound contribution in the rising telecommunication growth within the 21st century. Internet is made up of huge number of web pages that elaborate on a variety of topics from different arenas of life. These web pages in totality make up the strongest informational source to-date, known as the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web holds a vital role in making the Internet as popular as it is today since this part of the web is within the common man’s reach. Internet, being just a single drop in the vast ocean of the World Wide Web, can be easily accessed through any standard web browser just like IE (Internet Explorer) or Netscape Navigator. Apart from browsing a series of Internet websites one can also gain access to emails and other useful services using the exact same web browser.

Firstly it is necessary for you to know what is web-The web is nothing but a set of web pages that are interlinked together by graphics or texts. The web helps you carry out real time changes in just about no time. The server is a central unit that helps us connect to all the websites available over the Internet through our personal computer. A web page comprises of a combination of text and graphics. Internet has emerged as the single most dynamic source of stupendous informational data in the 21st century. It is now practically possible to avail any and every kind of information over the web at this present hour. To further make your search easier there is an array of search engines to guide you through your search.

Before you actually go up and start your search over the Internet it is essential for you to know the various types of Internet Web Pages that are available over the web. This will help you broaden your horizon to perform a more precise search and make utmost use of the web page.

There are Internet web pages that are purely informative. These web pages aim to provide complete and accurate information on a specific topic and in the process help out aspiring students to get your doubts cleared. In most cases, government or educational institutions issue such sites. Also make a note that any website URL that ends with a “.edu” or a “.gov” generally means it is an informative site.

Business related sites are developed with an intention to attract opportunities for possible sales of their product line. It is essential for every business house today to have a web presence to make co-ordination flexible with partners and clients. These web pages use the URL having “.com” at the end.

News Web pages provide extremely real time information with the help of a dynamic website in place. These web pages are most browsed by people to gain access all the current affairs and weather forecast of a specific location on the map.

Another set of web pages that have “.org” at the end of their URL are specially created to promote the practices of particular national or international groups or organizations and keep the community updated with the latest happenings of the group. These are generally non profit organizations.

There are several online groups and discussion forums that form another type of Internet web page. These pages help people from different locations and languages to come together and voice their opinions on various national and international issues. They make the world seem a smaller place altogether.


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