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Introduction To Internet
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Search Engine-The DoorWay to Find WebPages

About search engine,Search Engine is basically a program that indexes documents with an effort to match documents relevant to a user's search requests. Web search engines help businesses running on the World Wide Web to display themselves to your target customers. Search Engine is a blessing in disguise for internet marketers! Search Engines send their robots and spiders to scan HTML documents from server to server and filtering important information about the web page and storing it in its database. This information is later delivered to the target customers when a related search term is entered by the customer into the search box of search engines.

You can start your initial internet web page hunt at any of the search engine sites listed below. Make sure you are using precise keywords for your search. You could use a general search term initially and then drill down to more specific keywords later.

About Popular Search Engines

    1. Google : Google is known worldwide for giving the most exact and relevant search results. It has more than one time of search available viz. search by images, search in groups, search in google news and now the latest froogle. It employs powerful text matching techniques for getting relevant internet web pages for the users. For the convenience of users Google has provided with its toolbar then helps an user know which internet web page has good information based on its page rank. Google is infact, a complete search guide for net users.

    2. Yahoo : Yahoo was started as a directory initially and later it formed its own crawler based search engine. Yahoo owns Overture search results which makes it more powerful in the search engines results. The specialty of Yahoo directory was the fact that it was edited by human editors initially. It was totally dependent on the editor supervising your site to decide which category your site belongs to.

    3. AltaVista : Altavista features search engine newsgroups and also was the first search engine providing multilingual search. Altavista is also one of the soul search engine having won around 61 search related patents. Altavista is now a part of Yahoo since Overture bought Altavista and Yahoo later bought Overture.

    4. Lycos : Lycos gets its results for popular search terms from human edited listings from Looksmart and for its other search terms it reverts to Yahoo. Listings with AllTheWeb is crucial to get a listing with Lycos.

    5. Excite : It provides search results based on relevance and search engine specific. The search engine results that it provides are Overture, Google, Yahoo!, AskJeeves, About abd FindWhat.

    6. Hotbot : Hotbot provides access to search results coming from Askjeeves and Google.

    7. AlltheWeb : Yahoo powers AllTheWeb and that is the reason search results of AllTheWeb are similar to those of Yahoo. The results are very relevant and exact.

    8. Looksmart : LookSmart is an online media and technology company, based in San Francisco, which provides relevant content, advertising and technology solutions for advertisers and publishers of all sizes. It is basically a human edited directory of websites.

    9. MSN Search : MSN initially used to provide search results with the help of Looksmart but it has developed its own search tool the MSN Search (Beta) which promises to have potentials to compete with Google.


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